5 Gutter Cleaning Tips

5 Gutter Cleaning Tips

If you’re planning to clean the gutters this year, you might be needing some effective gutter cleaning tips here.

Before we discuss the gutter cleaning tips, let’s touch upon the tools that are necessary for gutter cleaning.

Scoop or trowel prevents you from getting injured, wear gloves to keep your hands clean, goggles to protect your eyes from anything that may cause harm (dirt, bacteria etc.), broom to clean the debris, garbage bag to dispose and a ladder.

Cleaning the gutter minimum twice a year will prevent them from being blocked. Here are some tips you can use.

PVC Pipe

  • Firstly, if you’ve cleaned the gutter with your hands, you know how tough that job is. You can simply clean your gutters with the help of water pressure, using a PVC pipe. Water flushing will prevent blocking and remove any dirt, plants etc. stuck in the way.


  • Purchasing the extendable wand for gutter cleaning. It can work as a multi-purpose tool and works great for gutter cleaning.


  • Apart from this, you can try the old method of climbing up a ladder and cleaning. However, you need to be careful with this method. Once you climb the ladder, you can use a scoop to clean up.


  • Using Gutter wedges: Instead of spending a huge amount of money on gutter guard system, you can purchase gutter wedges that can accomplish the same job in lesser money. The design is flow-through which separates debris and dirt from reaching the downspout opening.

Garden Hose

  • Use a garden hose: The water pressure can be adjusted when using a pistol-grip spray nozzle. Also, you won’t have to use both the hands which makes it easy to clean.


Gutter cleaning can be a nasty and hectic task at time. However, these tips can help you do the job effectively and easily.

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