Aeration and Overseeding Cost

When evaluating aeration and overseeding cost, there are a couple factors you want to take consideration. first off do you even need aeration. Of course, as a business owner we love selling our services to make money. That’s why we’re in business instead of in a job. However, there are some business owners that will sell you services that you don’t actually need. Aeration is one of those services that everybody will just assume always has to be done before overseeding. please look in my article how to tell if you need aeration to determine if you do in fact need it.

When evaluating overseeding not all seed is the same and not all companies apply the same amount. On this topic, I have an article you can check out here that covers how much seed you want to have spread on your yard. While also evaluating different seed. Yet, after you read the article and are better informed, you will make a wise decision and know what to ask your lawn care professional when they come to give you a quote.

Cost of Aeration

If you Google aeration cost, you will come up with a lot of different numbers some companies will charge less and others will charge more. So in order to determine what you should be charged, you want to consider a couple things. First, you want to ensure that the company is fully licensed and insured. Otherwise, you may be stuck with a bill if they cause damage to your property.

With that said, HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack are a great reverence. Shown below gives the average aeration and overseding cost from them.

At Foxland cleaning we make it easy to calculate by charging $20 for every 1,000 square feet of area to be aerated.

Last, seen as we are in the north Georgia area and at the foothills of the Appalachian trail. There are some properties that are very steep. While we do not service these properties if you find somebody that does don’t be surprised if they charge you significantly more. These properties are very difficult not only on the worker. Which takes longer for him to do the work. However, it is also very hard on the equipment as well. And these pieces of equipment are quite costly.

Price for Overseeding

As I said in the beginning of this article. There are different types of seed including seed with fertilizer and see with fertilizer and soil emulsifiers. obviously if it has fertilizer and or soil emulsifier your aeration and overseeding cost will be higher. With this in mind, let us just consider we are only looking at the aeration and overseeding cost of seed alone from a good manufacturer.

HomeAdvisor shows on their records that the average overseeding cost is xxxx. while thumbtacks average cost for overseeding is XXXX. here at Foxland lawn Care, we charge $30 for every thousand square feet that is seeded.

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