Awning Cleaning Techniques

Awning Cleaning Techniques

Awning Cleaning Techniques

After seeing many customers awnings either not cleaned well or torn by other companies I decided to go over the good, bad, and ugly different techniques that are used today to clean awnings.

The three ways to clean an awning.

  • Let ‘s say company A uses no pressure technique.
    • While this is a viable option not using any pressure at all leaves dirt and mildew in the cervices that are harder to get out producing an incomplete job
  • Let ‘s say company B uses low pressure technique.
    • In this technique utilizes a pressure washer nozzle that restricts the pressure to 1000psi or less. At this amount of pressure, we can clean the entire awning without causing damage to the substrate.
  • Let ‘s say company C uses high pressure technique.
    • In this technique utilizes a pressure washer nozzle that is not restricting the pressure. At this amount of pressure, we will significantly increase the likely hood of tearing the awning.

While is all sounds obvious and you would assume that all companies would use the proper technique for cleaning an awning. The reality is one of many people start a pressure washing business every year not knowing what they are doing. Make sure you are hiring a company that only uses a low-pressure technique. At Foxland Cleaning we don’t hide any of our processes for how we clean, weather it is an awning, house or concrete.

Our Technicians Awning Guide?

  1. Rinse wood, plants, and awning
    1. remove delicate flowering plants if possible
    2. use the lest pressure soft wash nozzle
    3. Also rinse any wood raw or with oil-based stain
    4. If raw it will discolor it
  2. If oil-based stain it will strip it
    1. Pay special attention to stained doors
      1. Never test these
  3. You do not need to do this for painted wood
    1. Pre-wet the awning
  4. Apply solution
    1. House wash for mildew
    2. Other stains check awning stain chart
  5. brush solution into fabric
    1. Use soft bristle brush
  6. dwell time 5-20 mins.
    1. Below 800 20 mins.
    2. 800 to 900 max 10 mins.
    3. 910 and higher 5 mins.
  7. Wash with soft wash nozzle
    1. Use 1000 psi soft wash nozzle
    2. Don’t get to close to tears
  8. Use brush and garden hose with nozzle only


Thank you, always feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about this or other services. Either visit or call us at (770)369-5263.

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