Many homeowners don’t like the idea of pressure washing owing to the danger they may impose on their property. Contrast to pressure washing, soft washing minimizes the risk of assets damage and result in better cleaning.

To understand its effectiveness, here are some benefits of soft washing services.

Blast Away All Pathogens

Soft washing technique implies application of cleansers at low pressure to your facility and later on cautiously rinsing away the contaminants with clean water. Unlike high pressure washing, process of soft washing doesn’t cause any damage to your property and allows removing algae, fungus, bacteria, moss, and lichens quickly.

Allows To Save More

You don’t need to replace an entire rooftop just because it has smudge on it. And since it will cost you more, the best way to lower the cost is prevention. Hire our professional soft pressure washing services to save more money.

Less Risk

One of the best things about soft washing technique is that it’s gentle yet effective in removing debris. One doesn’t need to fret about cleaning of delicacies such as window seals, screens, windows and shrubs. Soft washing can be done easily from the ground showering water and cleaner up to about 30 feet high. This also eliminates the need to use wobbly ladders and extension poles; hence doesn’t put worker’s life in danger.

Broaden Lifespan

Debris, dust, moss, bacteria, and black streaks can cause premature degradation of your house. This premature degradation can bring your property’s value down as well as diminish its lifespan up to 50%. However, soft washing keep your house clean and expand its lifespan for longer duration.


Soft washing technique employs a user-friendly approach to maintain your home. Uses of biodegradable cleaners are enough to smash the harmful growth without even causing harm to environment. Moreover, this cleaning approach uses less water than other types of washing.

If your house is being overhauled by harmful pathogens and you live in Cumming, Georgia, or its surrounding area, then give us a call.

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