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Choosing An Awning: For Your Home or Business

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When looking to add or replace an awning on your home RV or commercial property. You will find there are many options to choose from for choosing an awning. If you allow, it will even make you lose your mind. As a pressure washer that does awning cleaning for my customers, I want to help everyone out by giving you as much information on this topic as I could. In this article, I will cover many topics. Such as reasons to get an awning, the different material you can choose from, different frame design options, and much more.

Reasons to Choose an Awning


Is your house or commercial building is looking a little drab? By adding, an awning will beautify even the most common of buildings.


The number one reason people get an awning is to give more shade on their property. This will relieve you during all those beautiful months, and we can enjoy the outdoors. Yet as you know these months get the floors a little toasty on our feet.

Weather Protection

Another reason most don’t consider awnings is weather protection. Not only does it give shade from the Sun as spoke of above. Awnings are a great idea for pet owners, hence they keep their animals outside to protect them from the elements.

Choosing Awning Types of Materials


Vinyl is now the most popular choice of awning material for the longevity of the product. First, awnings made from vinyl will last so much longer because of being made of PVC. Also, the color also stays in much better compared to Canvas materials last, they are waterproof, unlike some other materials.

Choosing an awning


Canvas used to be the most popular option until vinyl awnings came on the market. If you’re looking for a lower-cost option of an awning, canvas is the way to go. However, it has many drawbacks, such as we spoke of in the vinyl section. These colors do not last in canvas due to it being dyed. The sun will draw out the color along with any time we need it to be cleaned with bleach. Unfortunately, to clean off some stains we need to use bleach.

Choosing an awning


Nowadays most people don’t get giddy about talking about Metal awnings. This is because of them losing popularity back in the ’70s and ’80s. Yet metal awnings have come a long way from what they were. Metal awnings are now very stylish and used at higher-end commercial properties and homes. So you may buy some of these.

Choosing an awning


My favorite awnings of all are awnings with glass. These things are beautiful for commercial properties, and especially if you are on the beach. However, due to them being clear, it is very obvious when they are dirty so you will want to get them clean regularly. The good news about that is you can hire local window cleaners to take care of this for you.

Choosing an awning

Solar Panels

This being the age of Technology as you can only guess we will do something awesome with awnings nowadays which is putting solar panels on top of them. Some may find this hilarious, however it is great for having the benefits of an awning along with solar power.

Choosing an awning

Choosing an Awning Frame Design Options

choosing the right awning concave
choosing the right awning  elongated dome
choosing the right awning traditional

Choosing Awning Mounting Options


When choosing the right awning businesses and Parks go with free-standing awnings do to give shaded areas away from buildings. Which invites people to stay longer at these locations.

choosing the right awning freestaning


The bolt-on application is the most commonly used on buildings. This is due to the ease of installation by attaching it to the existing structure.

Slide wire

If you want to get more artsy slide wire awnings are really cool look for an outdoor living space. The installation of these awnings is quite straightforward.

choosing the right awning slide awning

Choosing Available Awning Up Grades

Motorized Retractable Arms

Maybe you have an existing retractable awning. Now that you are looking to choosing the right awning consider upgrading your current awning. You can purchase a motorized retractable awning kit to the existing manual retractable awning with this below like these.

Wind Sensor

The biggest problem that awnings have that the wind will destroy them up. that’s why it’s great to consider an awning wind sensor. This sensor will gather the wind speed and if the wind is too fast it will automatically retract your awning. Saving you both time having to retract the awning and money for a damaged awning. The sensor comes in handy mostly when you are away and forgot to bring it in.

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