Flushing gutters regularly with water is a necessary home chore. Not doing so can create trouble for you. Gutters that are overfull can damage the fascia and your roofing. It can cause water to accumulate in your basement or any other area.

If you’re thinking that cleaning your gutter with a garden hose or by hand is the solution, that’s only half the truth.  Flushing your gutter with water can actually remove the debris and dirt from your gutter and helps to clear the downspouts. This would cause them to function properly and prevent any crisis situations in the future (e.g. ice dams or water backup).

No Flushing of Gutters- Bad News

If the gutters at your house are blocked, it can cause serious trouble for you. Rain gutters are structured in a way that channel water to the downspouts from your roof. However, when with lack of water flow, there’s an accumulation of dirt, dust, ash and sludge in your gutters. With the changing seasons; molds, plants and mildew will also build up. This will cause your gutters to be blocked and to not perform properly.

Gutter cleaning is required to ensure that the water flows properly. It cleans off all the dust, dirt, and anything that may block the gutter.

Pests Love Full Gutters

If your gutter gets blocked, they will eventually damage your house, blogged gutters also attract insects and birds, termites etc. which may harm your building. Moreover, flushing it will allow seeds fallen from trees or carried by birds to be washed away. If these seeds are not removed, they grow and weaken the roof. Furthermore, if water is accumulated in the gutter it will cause a leak and harm the material of the roof.

Therefore, gutter cleaning is an important step if you want to save yourself from the troubles mentioned above.

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