5- Gal. Bucket

When cleaning the gutters you will want a bucket to place the debris in. I have found that a 5 gallon bucket works the best for this. Also connect a s-hook to the handle so you can hook it onto the gutter and not have to hold it.

Grey bucketNite Ize S-Biner Dual Spring Gate Carabiners, Black, 3-Pack, Sizes 2, 3, 4


Gutter Spoon

This tool allows you to easily pulls debris to you so you can remove it from the gutter. This spoon also screws on to any standard extension pole. Some even have a hook to hang the pole on the ladder allow you to use your hands or pull the leaves under the hangers.

gutter spoon


When cleaning gutters you need to wear gloves. First, it is dirty. However, the gutter metal can cut you. Also, bugs love being in the leafy sludge, including hornets. The best gloves for the job have nylon on the palm for good grip and protection.

Nitrile glove


There are many ladders on the market and all have their advantages. Weather you get an A- frame, extension ladder, or even a combination ladder. Check the weight rating so that it will hold enough weight for you. Tip: always use a ladder stabilizer and ladder lever.

LADDER ACCESSORIES 600C Ladder Leveler PairWerner AC78 Quickclick Stabilizer

Extension Pole

Do you want to save time cleaning the gutters. Of course you do. No likes cleaning gutter. For this reason Buy an extension pole that will accept the gutter spoon to speed up the process.

Extension pole


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