Gutters are a wonderful invention until you get a leaking gutter. However, we cannot detect most sources of a leaking gutter from looking at the system from the ground.

Possible Problems

Leaking at the Miter

I first want to ensure you understand what the gutter miter is. Think of a miter saw that would cut an angle at the end of a gutter. The miter is where two pieces of gutter trough meet at an angle. When gutters are installed at every miter, they will be riveted together. They also will apply a layer of caulking to these lines to stop leaking from occurring. Over time, the caulking will harden from the Sun and crack, allowing water to leak out of the gutter system. When the caulking gets this bad on the bottom of the miter, you will usually see mildew form.

Gutter Repair needed-

To repair this leak at the miter, we must apply more caulking to seal it up. Whenever applying caulk you always want to ensure that the surface is dry, otherwise, the caulking will not adhere to the surface properly.

Leaking at where the downspout and trough connect

When you see leaking where the downspout and trough connect, this can be for two reasons. First off, as we discussed leaking at the miter there is caulking around the flange that the downspout connects to that could have cracked which is allowing water in. Or you may have a blockage in the downspout itself, making the water back up and coming out in an area that is allowing it to.

Gutter Repair Needed-

Depending on which of these two is, the issue depends on the severity of the repair. If the caulking is the culprits more caulking to seal around the flange is all that’s needed. However, if it is debris blocking the downspout from letting the water flow out, then the downspout will need to be cleaned out. If cleaning has already taken place that you are still having this issue, that means you have a hard clogged. A hard-clogged means that there’s so much debris in the downspout it is a solid clogged and may need to be taken apart and flushed out or the entire downspout may need to be replaced.

Leaking downspout

I don’t want to confuse you on this point of a leaking downspout compared to the last. A leaking downspout will leak out water somewhere other than the very top where it connects to the gutter trough.

Gutter Repair Needed-

The fix for this is to have your system cleaned due to a blockage in the downspout. Also, if cleaning does not clean it out, it may need to be taken apart to be flushed out or even replaced.

Leaking in the middle of the trough

If you have gutters leaking in the middle of the trough, this can come down to one of two things either there is a blockage and the system that is raising the water and will come over the lip of the gutter at the lowest point. Yet, more likely their system has the neglected and has rusted causing a hole to form at the bottom of gutter letting the water leak out.

Gutter Repair Needed-

If the gutters are just overflowing and not leaking out in the middle of the trough. This tells me that your gutters were not leveled properly and need to get re-leveled. To give you an idea of how much of a pitch should go towards the downspout. For every 20 feet, drop the gutter one inch toward the downspout.

Yet, if you’re looking for a quick way to fix this issue. I advise Gutter Liner Roll or Flex tape to cover the hole. Both products are a good option for securing the leak for a season or two. Another way to repair would patch the hole with a piece of metal and securing it with rivets and caulking the edges. However, I do not suggest patching any hole at the bottom of a gutter the best yet most expensive way is to just replace it.

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