Methods of Gutter Cleaning

Methods of Gutter Cleaning

Most of the gutter cleaning is done during fall season in order to prepare for the rain and snow ahead. If there is a blockage in the gutter and the rain does not flow out easily and if in case it freezes, the damage could be very costly. But using methods of gutter cleaning to clean out roof gutters that would lead to fewer injuries during the process should be kept in mind.

It’s nearly fall, let’s see through the methods of gutter cleaning you can use to fix those clogged gutters:

Clean By hand

  • Gutter cleaning must always be done at least twice a year. To clean a gutter by hand you should have a ladder that is stable. Gutter cleaning by hand is not a very difficult job unless it’s clogged way too much that you would need extra fancy equipment for it. All you have to do is clean the debris that is easily reachable by hand. For more safety keep a friend or a companion to hold the ladder for you. Remember, safety comes first!

Gutter Vacuum

  • Vacuum gutter cleaning is a more safe method of gutter cleaning. In this method we use a large suction hose to clean gutters rather than by hand, it is very useful as it is a faster way of cleaning, there is no debris fallout and it cleans down-pipes pretty well and easily.

Leaf Blower

  • You can use a leaf blower to remove debris from the roof and clean your gutter. Which is the most efficient way to clean gutters.  The air flow and the long pipe goes in and removes all the debris. This method works best when the leaves are very dry.


Gutter cleaning is not a very difficult task but it is dangerous and time consuming one so one must opt for the safest methods of gutter cleaning according to their needs and requirements.



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