Foxland cleaning offers high-quality pressure washing services to your home as well as your business.

Here you can find out more about our particular pressure washing services.

Wood Cleaning

There are many who would love to equip their property with wood material for obvious reasons. Wood looks good, and tends to be durable. Our pressure washing team knows how to restore your wood by using cleaning agents specifically made for each wood type. At first, our technicians evaluate the work site. Next, we dive into step of brightening the wood. After that, fresh coating of stain layer is applied to it.

Concrete Cleaning

We know how much a clean concrete helps your business look good. Our certified professionals are well-versed in removing oil, rust, grime, grease, and dirt to bring back your concrete to its original form.  Whether be sideways or drive-thru, we ensure each and every corner remains safe from all types of contaminants.

Awning Cleaning

Just like everything, your canopy also needs a thorough cleaning. Our experts preserve the beauty of your awnings by using right detergents and right pressure while pressure cleaning. Often, awnings are made up of delicate material. This is where you require our expertise as we treat them with more care, and use a low pressure for cleaning.

House Pressure Washing

Pressure cleaning is the most effective method to clean your house exteriors. This cleaning technique eradicates mold and algae growth on walls which tends to damage your property.

Roof Washing Services

Usually, roofs of the house experience abrupt changes in environment. While pressure washing helps you remove debris and unwanted materials, chances are pressure washing can harm your shingles. However, our technicians know the best way to clean your roof adequately and assure no damage will be done to your property.


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