Top 5 questions a Power Washing Service Gets Asked

Top 5 questions a Power Washing Service Gets Asked

house washAfter many customers have asked me these questions when looking to hire a power washing service I decided to give you the top five things to know before you hire a power washing service provider.

1. Will this kill my plants?

In the power washing industry the solution that is used is just as important as a power washer itself. When power washing a house the proper solution should not have any more than 3% sodium hypochloride (bleach). With this concentration most plants will not be harmed. With the exception of more fragile flowering plants. For these plants, the technician will need to rinse them off before and after the washing of the house.

2. How Much Water will be used?

When I speak with customers about pressure washing a house one question usually are rises. Do you bring your own water? While we do have a water tank, the amount of water and the tank as not sufficient for cleaning house. Therefore, we do have to use the customers outside water faucet. I then go on to reassure them with the amount of water that is needed for the house in most instances, depending on how your city bills for water, the cost of the water would only be $5 to $10.

3. Why is my neighbors house cheaper to clean? It is the same size.

This question arises when a customer has a brick house and their neighbor has vinyl siding. While vinyl siding and Hardi-Plank is straightforward in the washing technique. Siding such as brick, stucco, and wood require a significant amount of more work. Due to this reason cost on these types assigning are usually more expensive. On average, you can see brick and stucco to cost about than twice the amount of other sidings. Wood on the other hand can cost 3 to 4 times the amount of other sidings.

4. Soft Washing vs. Power Washing Service

In this article, I have used the term “power washing a house”. However, if a power washing company tells you that they can power wash your house. You need to ask them if they mean soft wash. Soft washing is a new technique that uses chemicals to do the work more than actual pressure from the power washer. Power washing uses on average 3000 to 4000 PSI. On the other hand, soft washing only uses about 200 PSI, which is a little stronger than a garden hose. This significantly reduces the amount of damage that the cleaning can do to your house.

5. My windows will sparkle after the wash?

Well ok most of my customers do not say this, but I know that is a thought most of them have. I always make sure they understand we cannot clean the windows and doors as good as the rest of the house. The reason for this is when using a lot of water we have to be careful not to get it on the windows or doors very much. This way the water does not leak through the seals and get into the house causing damage. As for the windows, we recommend exterior window cleaning.

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