Privacy Policy

Foxland Cleaning Services LLC. reserves the right to make any changes to any part of these terms and conditions without giving any prior notice.

By ordering Foxland Cleaning Services LLC. service by telephone, e-mail, fax or its website the Client agrees to be bound by Foxland Cleaning Services LLC. terms and condition.

1. Foxland Cleaning reserves the right to suspend cleaning services if payments are missing.

2. Client understands that the price he/she has been quoted does not include anything apart from the quote lawn care.

3. If a Foxland Cleaning Services LLC. operative needs to collect keys from a third party outside the of the premises where work is to be carried out then a $20.00 charge will apply.

4. Foxland Cleaning will not be responsible for triggering any alarm systems. Customer should give any special instructions for deactivation/activation of any household alarm systems.

5. Foxland Cleaning reserves the right not to continue with the job if on inspection, it is found that the area to be serviced is not suitable for the given equipment Foxland Cleaning Services LL. uses. 

6. Foxland Cleaning is not responsible for pre-existing damage

1. Payment is requested no later that 14 days after invoice is sent to customers email.

2. Payment can be made via the emailed invoice.

3. Payment can not be made through check, cash, or any mobile apps. all payments must be processed through the invoice payment link. 

4. The Client’s agrees and authorizes Foxland Cleaning Services LLC to charge any outstanding amount owed to Foxland Cleaning with regards to the cleaning services provided plus parking and congestion charges fees (if any) and up to the total amount of the booked services to the debit/credit card the
Client’s has provided.

5. Client understands that any ‘late payments’ may be subject to additional charges.

6. If payment is not made after 14 days of invoice then the account will be passed due and will asses a late fee of $5.00.

7. If payment is not made after 60 days of invoice then the account will be passed to a collection’s agency, after which a charge of 15% on top of the initial invoice due, will be added to the debt. You agree as part of this contract to pay this sum, which represents our reasonable costs in collecting the unpaid amounts.

1. Client accepts and understands that poor service, breakage/damage or theft
must be reported within 48 hours from the service date. Failure to do so will entitle customer to no refunds or recovery cleanings.

2.  Foxland Cleaning may take up to 5 working days to respond to a complaint.

3.  Foxland Cleaning will not accept a complaint based on an inventory check report, filed more than 48-hour after the service.

4.  Complaints are accepted in writing (letter or e-mail). Complaints must be reported on completion or in the following 48-hour.

5. All fragile and highly breakable items must be secured or removed. Items excluded from liability are: cash, jewelry, items of sentimental value, art and antiques.

6. Key replacement/locksmith fees are paid only if keys are lost by our operatives. There is a $30 per household liability limit.

7. In case of damage Foxland Cleaning Service LLC. will try to repair the item/s if it agrees that it caused the damage. If the item/s cannot be repaired Foxland Cleaning Services LLC will rectify the problem through its insurance company by crediting the Client with the item/s if it is proven to be by our personnel.

8. Foxland Cleaning reserves the right not to be responsible for: delay for a service visit due to a traffic congestion, postponed service due to broken equipment, third party entering or present at Client’s premises obstructing the

1. Foxland Cleaning has a General liability insurance. The policy will cover any accidental damages caused by an operator working on behalf of Foxland Cleaning, reported within 24 hours of service date.

2. Foxland Cleaning reserves the right to refuse to share any of the confidential company’s documents.

1. Client understands that he/she is not entitled to any refunds.

2. If the Client is not satisfied with the cleaning service provided and a complaint has been placed in the stated 48 hours after the job has been completed, Foxland Cleaning reserves the right to return a technician and re-do any areas and items to Client’s satisfaction. Therefore, the Client must allow the cleaner to be returned and he/she should be at present at all times during the re-service visit.

3. Foxland Cleaning reserves the right to return a technician not more than once.

1. Client may cancel the scheduled cleaning job up to 24 hours prior to the agreed start time.

2. Client agrees to pay 10% of the quote as a cancellation fee if he/she cancels or changes the date/time less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.
3. Clients agrees to pay 25% of the quote as a cancellation fee in the event of a lock- out caused by our cleaners being turned away; no one home to let them in; no water or power available at Client’s premises or problem with client’s keys. If keys are provided, they must open the lock without any special
efforts or skills.
4. If an initial deposit has been paid to Foxland Cleaning Services Ltd then Client
agrees that deposit funds may be used to cover the cancellation fee.

By entering into a service agreement with Foxland Cleaning Services LLC., the Client agrees that after the termination of the cleaning service he/she will not hire or use any domestic
services provided by a present or past cleaner introduced to the Client by the company. If the Client wishes to hire or use domestic services provided by such a cleaner then he/she
must pay a referral fee of $500.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by the relevant United States law, and byagreeing to be bound by them the customer agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of
the relevant courts of the United States. Foxland Cleaning Services LLC. reserves the right to make any changes to any part of these terms and conditions without giving any prior notice.

10. Legal Disclaimer
1. Any articles on are for professional use. We are not responsible for someone implementing these techniques.

2. The services we provide are dangerous and we suggest you hire a professional to complete the work.