Customers ask me constantly if they should get gutter guards put on their gutters. I always advise to not to install them. Informing, them they will still need me to at least clean off their roof and the top of the screens or guards. If this is not completed the moisture under the debris will start the decay process of the shingle and facia boards. Maybe you still want them installed. Below we are going to cover in specific gutter guards, gutters screens and another option you may not know exists.

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards, which are sometimes called a gutter shelter, are a sheet of metal or plastic that covers the entire gutter opening except a small opening at the lip of the gutter to allow water to enter the gutter system.


 Leaves and pine straw for the most part do not enter the gutters

Helps with keeping dirt out but, not always (See picture)


Birds and small animals can build nest in the gutter

The roof and top of guards need to be blown off

Very expensive

Does not as well with heavy rainfall

Gutter Cleaners cannot clean in the system if dirty

Price Range (average 200 linear feet of gutters)

Materials- $525

Labor- $1475

Total- $2000

Before, my next statement I want everyone to understand the company I am about to talk about is not paying me, they just sell a great product and service. The only company I recommend for installing guards is LeafGuard. This is due to their lifetime warranty on materials, work, and most importantly lifetime cleaning. The only problem most people have is that the company so expensive. However, with everything they offer I don’t blame them. A quick note on the cleaning this only includes if there is debris in the gutter. It is not an annual cleaning of the roof and top of the gutters.

If You Buy Guards: Never Cheap Out

When it comes to plastic guards, they never last long. First the guards are made in 4-foot sections and do not overlap each other very well. Compared to metal guards that are one long piece made specifically for each gutter system. Secondly, the UV light from the sun will slowly deteriorate the integrity of the plastic.

You can purchase some metal guards that are cheaper and come in 4-foot sections as well. While these guards are made to latch into each other I have seen time and again, these connections failing causing a massive amount of debris to infiltrate the gutter system causing a blockage of water flow. Yet, in every instance I saw this, it was due to poor workmanship.

Gutter screens

Unlike guards there are different types of gutter screens on the market. While, many people would think of the most prevalent aluminum mesh screen. The other is a stamped metal with holes to allow the water through.


Keeps out larger leaves
Less expensive than guards


Pine straw gets stuck even during cleaning.
Does not stop dirt and smaller debris from getting in.
A cleaner is still needed to clean off your roof, and the small debris that gets in.

Gutter cleaning with screens on the gutters cost more.

Price Range (average 200 linear feet of gutters)
Materials- $175
Labor- $425
Total- $600

If you decide to install this product I advise you use Ultra Flow gutter screens. When installed ensure they are screwed down to the lip of the gutter trough. Also, the screen next to the shingles, is firmly set under the shingles.

Downspout screens

Downspout screens or wedge is a cheaper viable option most customers are unaware of. These screens are made from the same material that gutter screens are made from. However, they only cover the downspout. Allowing all debris to fall in the gutters yet they stop the larger debris from entering the downspout.


Keep the downspouts clear of large debris
Reduces the chance of a hard clog in the downspout

Can cause water to build up
Downspouts can still clog
Price Range (average 10 downspouts)
Materials- $30
Labor- $150
Total- $180

After reading the cons you may be confused at this point from my “viable option” comment earlier. Let me explain, I called this a viable option due to its low cost and it still keeps out debris from the downspout the same as a gutter screen does for the gutter trough. If you decide to go with one of these two options, I advise the downspout wedge. The wedge helps to lift the leaves further from the downspout to give a slightly better result.


The customers that have had the best success with gutter protection are those with micro mesh filters. These filters are similar to gutter screens yet there is a micro mesh material that does not allow even small debris to enter.


                                                Covers the gutter completely

                                                Allows good water filtration

                                                Animals can’t get in


                                                Debris can stop water if allow to sit on the top

                                                Cleaning is still needed

Price Range (average 200 linear feet of gutters)

                                                Materials- $425

                                                Labor- $425

                                                Total- $850

Even though I don’t care for gutter protection, I do like these filters. Yet, keep in mind even with the best gutter protection home owners still need to get the tops of their gutters and roof blown off regularly to avoid clogged gutters – filters or rotting shingles. 

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