Pressure washing can greatly increase the beauty of your home. However, many people do not understand how to properly pressure wash there house and worry about damage. Due to this people are sometimes hesitant to pressure wash there house or even hire a professional to clean it. First, let me easy your burden. A true Professional Pressure Washing company has the knowledge to clean the home with out damaging the siding. With that said there are some “professionals” that just started cleaning and do not have the correct techniques to accomplish this. So, here are three pressure washing quick tips for not damaging your house.

pressure washing tips

To recap. Bleach is not to be higher that 3% concentration otherwise you may kill your plants. Next, the psi must not be over 500 psi so that the siding is not torn up. This can be accomplished by using different size nozzles. Lastly, for the most part ladders are no longer needed due to chemical injectors.

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