Why We Use Low Pressure To Wash a House

Why We Use Low Pressure To Wash a House

Low pressure washing is a popular pressure washing method which is used to provide care to delicate surfaces. Since, high pressure washing tend to cause more damage to your assets. Therefore, we use low pressure washing to make sure your house gets rid of performance-deteriorating materials.

There are few reasons why we use low-pressure washing technique to clean your home and business.

More Effective and Safer Cleaning

Low pressure washing utilizes mild-pressure nozzle infused with less harsh or biodegradable chemicals attached to a wand. Cleaning via low pressure washing is desirable because it gently wipes out contaminants caused by algae, moss, lichen, pollen, dirt, and mold. It is safer to use on everything from roofs and siding to deck railing and synthetic stucco.

Environmentally Responsible

Our choice of chemicals is crucial for your surrounding landscape. Availability of biodegradable chemicals has given low pressure wash superiority. Because of this, many homeowners like the way how look of their home gets improved without even damaging their health and environment. This also assures safety of workers while treating the surfaces.

Cost-Effective Solution

Also, a low pressure wash helps your home to stay clean for a longer time. In other words, it adds years of life to your home or business. And, if it needs less cleaning, that would depict less water and chemicals consumption; hence less money spent on costly repairs.

At Foxland cleaning, we believe in holistic approach to clean your property. Your valuable asset matters to us. We are aware of the fact that a high pressure wash can be harmful to your roof or shingles, and can cause damage to your window frames and vinyl siding. Therefore, we utilize low pressure washing technique to effectively clean dirt-covered surfaces without hurting the integrity of your property.


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