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Hedge trimming is the most underestimated of all landscaping.

While they are not as beautiful as flowers giving off vibrant colors. However, their job is much more important. Shape. By adding hedges and bushes, you can increase the beauty of your home by allowing them to give a proper shape to your lawn. For example, you can use it to partition off your property from your neighbors. Maybe even add a round shape to take away from a boxy house design. Not to mention If allowed, overgrown and unkept bushes and shrubberies will affect the appearance of your lawn. Luckily, with our services you don’t need to worry about spending hours on keeping up your hedges.  

Hedge Trimming Basics

Most of the hedges we have in the Atlanta area need to be trimmed at least three if not four times a year to keep a nice and neat, manicured look. While some hedges that grow more naturally only need to be cut once a year.

If you maintain your bushes throughout the year, you will find trimming them is not too bad. When cutting a straight line start from the bottom and move to the top of the plant. For circular plants, you want to make an arch shaped pass instead of straight. Think of how a windshield wiper moves. Never cut to deep into the hedge. We like placing the trimmer on the plant as a guide and cut until we have our desired appearance. 

Hedge Trimming Safety

If you decide to do the work yourself, hedge trimmers are very easy to use. However, if you improperly use hedge trimmers, they can be dangerous. At the speed that they move if your finger, or anything you don’t want to cut off, gets in the way it will be cut off. For this reason, always keep both hands on the trimmer.

Before you cut, beware of your surroundings. Clean the area around the hedges off all hoses and other items that you could trip over. Learn from my father, don’t let your sons’ dog near the hedge trimmer, or in that case a chainsaw, when it is on. Let’s just say “lucky dog” took on a whole new meaning in my house.

Last, wear the proper PPE. Protect your eyes with safety glasses, ears with hearing protection, hands with leather gloves, and close-toed shoes. 

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