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Pine Straw

Pine Straw makes a beautiful and environmentally friendly choice for landscaping and mulching.

As one assumes, pine straw thus comes from well, the pine tree. Furthermore, these pine trees drop their needles throughout the year. The pine needles get raked, cleaned and baled after they fall. Making pine an environmentally friendly choice for landscaping and mulching. If properly installed, straw can prevent water evaporating from the soil, slows weed growth, and prevents erosion and compaction. While it does not work as well as mulch for temperature control, it does still give a layer of protection from the hot and cold months.

How to Apply Pine Straw

Pine needles are prickly and can make it uncomfortable to apply if you’re not wearing gloves. Applying pine straw is quite simple, take handfuls of the straw and shake it over the desired area. Plan to apply to about 3 inches and add an inch every six months to keep a good depth. Once you lay the straw, use a leaf blower to curl it under this gives a professional look to your garden bed.


Our aim with the straw is to stop weeds from growing and add more beauty to your lawn. When applied, there should be at least 3 inches of cover being laid down. Some companies claim up to 6 inches however this is a ploy to charge you more with no added benefit. Appling this as a decorative piece is best for lining walkways leading to the front door or along paths to the backyard.

Trees and Bushes

Once installed, it’s best practice to now allow the product to the drip line on the plants. While also keeping the straw 2 to 3 inches away from base of the plants. Because of the straw is applied in this manner, it will discourage animals from eating the bark.

How Pine Straw is Packaged

Pine Straw Bagged

Most bagged straw immediately claim they are equivalent to two bales. Unfortunately, they usually provide 140sqft or 20 sq ft less for double the price per sq ft compared to bales.

Average sqft= 140

Average price per sq ft= $0.10

*Material only 

Pine Straw Boxed

Whenever you want your pine neddles mailed over to you, some companies are offering boxed pine straw. On the other hand, you may want to consider a local company deliver it considering the cost.

Average sq ft= 100-240

Average price per sq ft= $0.47

*Material only 

Pine Straw Bails

All options will work yet bailed pine straw is my favorite option of all these packaged methods. It is easier to work compared to the rolled, cheaper than all but the pallet, and you can find it almost everywhere.

Average sq ft= 80

Average price per sq ft= $0.05

* Material only 

Pine Straw Rolls

Rolled pine straw is an option that claims further it is the same as 2.5 bales. However, in my experience it is closer to only 2 bales. Due to price and how much you get, you are better off with the bales instead.

Average sq ft= 125

Average price per sq ft= $0.39

*Material only 

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